Ultem sheet is a thermoplastic (a high temperature plastic material) that has been designed in the form of a sheet and made to have great properties, such as impressive levels of stiffness and strength. It is recognized as being a plastic that can stand up to high temperatures because it can be exposed to extreme degrees of heat without altering any of its properties.

plastic texture 447x297 Ultem Sheet is an Impressive Thermoplastic Material

The ultem sheet resists steam and hot water and can be subjected to repeated autoclaving cycles without decreasing its stiffness or strength. Therefore, it provides significant benefits to those who utilize this product over other varieties of engineering plastics. Furthermore, this sheet is recognized for its outstanding electrical properties, and also features one of the best levels of dielectric strengths compared to any of the many thermoplastics obtainable on the market.

There are different sizes, colors, and thicknesses that are available for ultem sheet. Often this material is frequently used in a number of scientific equipment parts, components of medical instruments, electrical insulation parts, manifolds, semiconductor equipment components, chip test sockets, and electrical connectors. In addition to its sheet form, Ultem PEI (Polyether Imide) can be found in rod form. This plastic is quickly becoming a popular choice among many companies and manufacturers as its benefits are saving business on their expenses and time.

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