Heaving soils can cause problems like cracking foundations, roadways and buildings. Such type of soil is not used for construction of roads, bridges, buildings or for any other purpose. To improve the texture and efficiency, soil stabilizers are used. One of the effective stabilizers is quicklime or hydrated lime. Other stabilizers include high pressure water injection, chemical injection etc. You could add lime to the soil in order to improve the load bearing characteristics of the soil. Some of the main functions of lime are as mentioned below-

Roadbond 447x270 Understanding the Benefits of Soil Stabilization with Lime

  • It reduces the downtime
  • It improves the working surface
  • To dry wet soil
  • Stabilization of soil beneath the road

Why do people prefer lime over other stabilizers?

Lime is the best agent used for the short term modification of soil properties. It could be efficiently used for clay and fine grained soil. The main function of lime soil treatment is to replace the normal cations with the calcium cations to improve the characteristics. Some of the benefits of this procedure are mentioned below-

  • It is efficient to contrast a solid working platform
  • Swell reduction has been observed
  • The resultant soil is less plastic
  • Improved stability

What happens when quick lime is added to the soil?

When quicklime is added to the soil, it generates long term strength due to pozzolanic reaction. These reactions could continue for as long as 10 years. As a result, soil could attain great strength. Here are the popular benefits of soil stabilization. The resilient module values of the soil will increase by a factor of 10 or more. Besides this, improvement in the shear strength is observed by a factor of 20.

Two methods are used to stabilize soil as follows

  • Soil improvement
  • Soil consolidation

Under the process of soil improvement, several binding agents are mixed in it. As a result, its compatibility and paving properties are improved. The resultant soil becomes highly unsusceptible to the water.

How is the soil consolidated?

To consolidate the soil, several binding agents are used in the existing one. The volume stability and permanent bearing capacity of the soil improved. It becomes frost resistant too. The prepared soil could be used for various purposes like railways and airports, construction of roads and development of industrial estates.

What are the advantages of adding binding agents to the existing soil?

When the binding agents are mixed into the existing soil, the water content improves. Hence, the muddy and wet soil becomes quite suitable for placing, and handling. It is an environmentally friendly method. Studies have shown that it requires less transport as compared to the soil exchange and other similar methods.

Many a times, Soil from different sources are transported to one job site. Here comes the role of soil stabilizers like lime. It prepares a homogenous mix of different types of soil. The resultant is more efficient. Due to effective stabilization, the soil becomes resistant to frost and water.

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Simon Hopes has written this article. He offers clay soil stabilization services to their clients. They are experts in lime soil treatment procedures, which are useful for improving the strength of the soil. You can learn more about lime soil treatment at roadbondsoil.com.

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