Granulators are used for the recycling or regrinding of plastic product and are often operated in conjunction with extruders. Granulator engineering has changed minimally, making the purchase of a used piece of equipment an opportunity for significant return on investment. The typical lifespan of a new granulator from a reputable manufacturer can be more than twenty years, and it can extend far beyond if it has been properly maintained.

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When you are considering opportunities for your company to purchase used granulators, make sure to keep quality, cost, and delivery time in mind to make the best selection. The following is an introduction primer to some of the most important features of granulator.

There are four primary parts to a granulator:

  • The Hopper sends the materials into the feed throat
  • The Cutting Chamber contains bed knives and a rotor. The bed knives are positioned on each side.
  • The Rotor can be one of three possible types: open, closed, and hog. Both open and closed rotors have a number of blades that run along the rotor’s complete length. Open rotors allow the materials to pass between the blades. Closed rotors don’t allow this to happen. The gap between the knives on the rotor and the bed knives can be changed in order to produce various ground plastic sizes. Open rotors are typically preferable due to the high production rate.
  • The Motor

Among the most popular brands of granulators are Nelmor, Cumberland, Bloucestor, Rapid, Wortex, Ball & Jewell, Entoleter, Alsteele, Rotogran, Condux, Mitts & Merrill, and Granutec.

When you are shopping for a used granulator, consider the age of the equipment, as well as its manufacturer, the type of rotor it uses, and its capacity. Look specifically at the blade configuration of the rotor, and check to make sure that both that and the horsepower will be adequate for the production rate you need.

There are many different benefits to buying a granulator that is used. By buying a used granulator, you can take advantage of highly competitive prices and immediate delivery. Contact Perry Videx to learn more about our inventory of used granulators and to discuss your unique needs.

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