Getting rid of old and used car tires can be done quickly, but have you ever thought of what happens to them next? In most of the cases they are just piled up in a tire cemetery, where they are left to rot and to seep toxins into the very sorrowing’s. However, such products should not be left to just decompose on their own, as they will pose a great danger environmentally.

Used Tire What Are the Environmental Impacts of Throwing Away Tires?

The horrible afterlife of used tires

Even though there is a possibility that used tires can be reused, the percentage is rather small. But, many are either used to create fuel, which in theory is not bad, but burning rubber means a lot of harmful particles are released into air. And to make matters worse, a lot of the more developed countries are exporting scrap tires to foreign and less developed countries, offer to be reused. Though, in most cases they are just exported to foreign mountains of tires.

Tires just lying around

The rubber component of tires makes it extremely hard to decompose on its own, and, it will not only take a lot of time, but, it will be home to many pests while it happens. You should be especially careful with such dangers if there is a lot of still water in the area. If the tires are not removed soon enough though, it will only become more dangerous, as more and more bacteria will start developing and it could potentially harm the environment. Cutting down on the tires needed to be made, you will be effectively cutting down on the waste made as well.

Old Tyre What Are the Environmental Impacts of Throwing Away Tires?

Rubber is very flammable

Keep in mind that unattained used tires are a potential fire hazard, especially on hot summer days when things get heated up quickly. The world has seen some terrible tire fires which have not ended well. Moreover, it will poison not only the immediate surroundings, but, its toxic particles will only bring forth a more drastic global warming and it will slowly poison all living wildlife. The smoke and fumes can reach high altitudes and they will only spread with rain to a greater area.

Make sure you know where your tires come from

Unless you are sure how your new tires are made, and whether or not they are recycled, you are running a chance that you will get a used one. Not only will you be endangering yourself, but you will be dangerous for those around you as well, as used tires do not have the same composition to resist the elements. Shopping at Tyreright though, you have chance to ask professionals about the origins of your tires.

Car Tyre What Are the Environmental Impacts of Throwing Away Tires?

Overpopulated landfills are a hazardous site

Due to its nature of how tires are made, it is hard to just cram it into already overused landfills and to expect that it will decompose quickly. Though, if recycling programs are used, it will be possible to repurpose most of the rubber, and even to make new tires out of it. Nonetheless, tires which are not taken care of after they have been used will gradually release toxins unless properly disposed of.

Recycling and repurposing old tires will make sure that everyone does their duty in making sure that no toxins are left to poison the environment. Furthermore, tires can be also used to make toys at home, and for creating holders for plants. But, always make sure to thoroughly clean them before use, and to even visit professionals who can help you create a safe and welcoming environment for your children.

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