After owning a mobile phone for a while its normal to start looking at the newer, fashionable models available on the market. Mobile phones change very quickly and they are constantly being updated with faster, high tech gadgets and services. Once you have your shiny new mobile phone what do you do with the old one?

Old Mobile Phones What can you do with your old mobile phone
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Sell your phone on an auction site You can look to sell your mobile on an auction site such as Amazon or E-bay but there are costs to consider as well as the chance that your customer fails to pay. Often there can be huge competition on these sites which pushes the price down and you can lose out.

List your mobile phone in a free ad Another idea is to list your phone in a free ad or on a forum. This can cost you less to advertise but you are at greater risk of losing out on the money as you are dependent on the buyer being honest and sending payment.

Love the environment – recycle mobile phones One of the best things you can do with an old handset is to recycle it. Mobile phone recycling is hugely popular as you can get some money back as well as feeling confident you have done something positive towards protecting the environment. If old mobile phones are thrown away conventionally they can add to the masses of consumer waste that is devastating the planet. Recycling mobile phones ensures they are disposed of in a way that is friendly to the environment and you’ll earn money in the process. You can check out the prices for used handsets on the internet and then sell phones for cash.

At Mazuma Mobile we recycle mobile phones and can offer you a great price for that old handset.
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