When we are talking about which type of radiator is the most energy efficient, the cast iron radiator definitely takes the cake. Cast iron radiators are the oldest forms of radiators which were used since the middle of the nineteenth century until today. Although there are modern radiators in the market, a lot of homeowners still prefer to use the cast iron radiators over its other counterparts.

Cast Iron Radiator Energy Efficient Why Is a Cast Iron Radiator Energy Efficient

So why is a cast iron radiator more energy efficient? Let us get to know the reasons behind:

  • Higher level of conductivity studies showed that heat transfer in cast iron radiation is far better than that of steel.
  • Heavier and denser – cast iron radiators have more ability to hold heat for a much longer period, thus providing a more comfortable heat for a longer time.
  • Cost-effective – it takes for a cast iron radiator to cool down even after the boiler has been turned off. The heat is slowly dissipated as it cools down while it continues to heat the room.
  • Puts less load on the boiler – the temperature of the water can easily be restored because less heat is lost.

Although cast iron radiators were commonly used for period homes with large living spaces and high ceilings, there are an increasing number of homeowners and heating consultants who recommend and use the cast iron radiators for new properties due to its timeless aesthetic designs and energy efficiency.

If you are planning to buy a custom built cast iron radiator, look for a provider that can give you multitude of accessories, wide range of colours, and of course one that can provide longer warranty period and free delivery. Buying from a reliable dealer like The Cast Iron Radiator Factory in Leicester ensures that your purchase is of high quality.

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